Drylok Concrete Floor Paint

Indoor flooring can be customized in endless ways, including tile, wood, carpet and vinyl. Shouldn’t you be able to customize your outdoor concrete floors in the same way? Patios, garages and driveways often feature a bland grey slate of concrete. What most homeowners don’t realize is that concrete can be painted to not only look more appealing, but make it easier to clean. Drylok concrete paint is come of the best concrete paint you can get. It applied smoothly and cleanly, covering your entire floor in a smooth, easy-to-clean colored surface. Colors range from white to dark blue and can be customized with speckled flakes. Drylok makes your floor easy to clean and is completely waterproof. Oils and chemicals will not stain its surface.

This latex based paint dries hard and glossy. It provides greater traction for your feet and prevents slipping. Unlike many paints, Drylok does not have an odor. High traffic, weather, washing and dirt don’t stand a chance against Drylok’s toughness. During Concrete paint application, Drylok also seals small cracks so they are no longer visible. Larger cracks can be filled in with a concrete filler and sanded before application. Customizing your garage or driveway has never been easier.

There are several ways to apply Drylok. Before application it is advised that you clean your concrete with a heavy duty cleaner like Krud Kutter. This removes oils and dirt to improve adhesion between the paint and the concrete surface. Everything should be removed from the area before application. Drylok can simply be poured over the concrete surface and allowed to flow freely. Gravity will spread Drylok evenly on the floor, although you may need to use a brush or painter’s spatula around the edges. You may also use a short or long handles brush to spread Drylok around. The paint will form a perfectly smooth surface with no brush marks, as gravity will smooth it out while sitting. A single gallon can cover around 500 square feet of floor.

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