Execute What God Has Given You

What does it mean to carry the anointing? All Christians are carrying the anointing that God has given them. What we do with that anointing is another story. The anointing of God is to be used for the good of the kingdom. Each man and woman of God must allow the anointing to fulfill its purpose and reach its place of destination. If it does not fulfill its purpose and reach its destination, it is a waste. When we carry the anointing of God, we carry power. The anointing of God puts us on another level. There are many people that think that we can not perform certain tasks that God has put in front of us. That may be the case if the anointing was not there. That just may be the case if the power of God was not working through us. We must not allow that anointing to leave us because we are not completing the task(s) in which the anointing was given to us for.

To anoint means to rub, smear, or to pour on. God rubs, smears, and pours His power on us so that we may have power. Even when we are feeling powerless, the anointing on God can empower us to do things that we would never imagine. God’s anointing takes us to another level in Him. Are we ready to fulfill the destiny of the anointing that was given to us? Are we ready to do what we were called to do? Are we ready to go where God leads us no matter what we are up against? Many are called but few are chosen. Are you one of the chosen to carry out to the goal? God is giving us the tools and resources to allow manifestation to take place according to His will. He is using His chosen vessels to accomplish the task(s) at hand.

In the beginning of Matthew 26, Jesus tells his disciples that He will be betrayed by one of them (Judas) so that the crucifixion process can begin. Right after that, the church folk assembled together at Caiaphas’ palace. The church folk decided not to kill him on the day of the Feast of the Passover. They had to get Jesus to a place in which the crowd would not be around so that there will not be a riot (Garden of Gethsemane). Even before that, Jesus had just brought Lazarus back to life. Lazarus was resurrected. Has God brought you back to life out of a dead situation? The reason that God revived you is because He has appointed and anointed you to fulfill the purpose of your life.

Matthew 26:6 tells us that Jesus was in Louvores de Adoração Bethany at the time. He was fellowshipping at the house of Simon the leper (Pharisee). Simon had that nickname for a reason. Theologians say that Simon the leper had leprosy but Jesus cured him. I take it that he continued to carry the name. Many of us have nicknames from our past that lingers with us throughout our lives. In this scripture, I see Jesus setting an example for the disciples to follow before He dies. Many times, we have a tendency to stray away from people who have leprosy. In the biblical days, everyone scattered when a leper entered the area. The leper would have to scream out “unclean” three times. People got to moving quickly. It was a contagious disease. We have to keep in mind that we were all unclean at one time in our lives. We all have been touched by leprosy. We were unclean but Jesus cleansed us by His blood. How are we treating others around us that may not look like us, talk like us, act like us. Are we praying that they may be healed from their sickness or uncleanliness? Jews, in that day, only hung around certain people. It did not look good to hang around non-Jews. Jesus associated with all. His purpose was to cleanse all those who wanted to be cleansed. God, the Father, anointed Jesus to give Him power to complete the task. God has given us that same power to bring change into the lives of others.

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