Creating Digital Stories

Digital media is defined as a form of electronic media where data is stored in digital form. It can refer to storage and transmission of information, or it can refer to the end product such as digital video, augmented reality, or digital art.

Computers are used in digital art to either display or produce the work. Many traditional disciplines of art are now incorporating digital technologies to create something very multimedia and new age. Even stage sets in theatrical and dance productions will often include video art as well as other computer graphics, often projected onto a large silkscreen.

Digital media also refers to creating websites and using the various platforms available to market them. website design agency london This has opened up a whole new world to people interested in telling their story. Whether you’re a registered business or an individual who has work to show or a story to tell, digital media allows you to do so in a creative way. Moreover, you can get yourself an audience.

Digital storytelling allows the author to tell their story in a digital medium. This is not unlike a playwright telling their story on stage, or a screenwriter telling their story on film.

There are a number of ways to tell your digital story. And unlike other mediums such as printed books or CDs, digital allows you to use a variety of mediums. For instance, a comedian can share their written comedy, they can film themselves and share the video online, or take photos of themselves and upload them onto a digital sharing site. They can link to things they think are funny and then aggregate that content into one public place, like a blog.

With so much content available on line, providers must think about how they can differentiate theirs. They must be able to entertain. If you think about it, almost everything that we write, even for business, is a story. A press release is a story about something new that your company has done, web content is a story about what you do and why I might appreciate it, a blog is an online journal of some kind, an ad tagline, a short story about how I might feel when using your product.

Telling stories well means understanding what your visitors are looking for and then presenting it to them in a way they will easily digest and enjoy. That might boil down to compelling content, or inspiring imagery, likely it will be a mix of the two.