When Will Cryptos & Blockchain Really Explode?

Every day there is more news about what can, may, and should happen in the world of Crypto Currencies (CC’s) and Blockchain. There has been significant investment, research, and lots of chatter, but the coins and the projects are still not mainstream. They have not yet delivered the explosive changes envisioned. Many ideas are being discussed and developed, but none have delivered big game-changing results. What may be needed is for big industry players, like IBM, Microsoft, and the large financial services corporations to continue forging ahead in developing useful Blockchain applications – ones that the whole world can NOT live without.

Financial services are a ripe target for Blockchain projects because today’s banking systems are still based on archaic ideas that have been faithfully and painfully digitized, and because these systems are archaic, they are expensive to maintain and operate. Banks almost have a good reason to charge the high service fees they do – their systems are not efficient. These systems have many layers of redundant data, as everyone involved with a transaction has to have their version of the transaction details. And then there is the business of ensuring that there is a trusted third party to clear all these transactions – requiring even more versions of the same data. Blockchain technology holds out the promise of addressing these issues, as each transaction will be captured in just ONE block on the chain, and because it is a distributed database, security and integrity is built-in and assured. It may take some time to build up trust in these new systems, given that the verifiers of Blockchain transactions are not the traditional clearing houses that banks use and trust today. Trust by the banks in a new technology will take time, and even more time will be needed for Comment acheter IOTA (MIOTA) that trust to trickle down to consumers.

Another company that may soon be ready to give CC’s and Blockchain a big boost is Amazon. It looks like Amazon is getting ready to launch their very own crypto currency. This is a company with revenues the size of a good-sized country, and they are in a position to issue a digital token that would be fully convertible with other CC’s, and fiat currencies too. A move like this would enable Amazon to:

  • issue (AMAZON) coins to reward and incentivize developers on any of its platforms
  • issue coins to consumers to use for in-app purchases
  • issue coins to game players for in-game purchase of virtual goodies
  • issue coins to regular customers as part of a loyalty programme

Amazon may have the ideal ecosystem of customers and partners to make this all happen. Worldwide they have about 300 million customer accounts, roughly the population of the USA, and they have 100,000 sellers on their platforms, with millions of items for sale. There is hardly a more mainstream company than Amazon, with a massive, vibrant economy all linked in. Amazon’s imminent entry into the world of CC’s may signal the adoption of blockchain technology by mainstream institutions on a large scale. What could be just around the corner if an AMAZON coin comes into play is the likes of a DISNEY Coin, a DELTA AIRLINES coin, a CARNIVAL CRUISES coin, a HOME DEPOT coin – you get the picture.

Mesothelioma Litigation – How Does A Family File A Mesothelioma Case After The Patient Has Died?

Mesothelioma is one of the most deadly diseases one can be exposed to. The disease is a rare form of cancer which develops on the lining that protects internal body organs. It is usually caused by asbestos exposure. Most mesothelioma victims are people who have been exposed to asbestos dust on their jobs. When such people succumb to this deadly form of malignant cancer, it is only fair that their family members are compensated. In as much as the damages paid may not make up for a lost life, it can go a long way in enabling the dependents to make ends meet. To ensure you get due compensation, one has to be sure of the mode of exposure and then seek legal aid.

How Were They Exposed?

The first question families of mesothelioma victims need to ask themselves is how their loved ones were exposed to the dangerous asbestos dust. The exposure could have been as a result of:

Working for a company that handles asbestos
Living or working near asbestos deposits
Using products from companies, which are contaminated with asbestos dust
Once the form of asbestos exposure is identified, filing a suit for compensation will be much easier. However, the idea of trying to go alone all the way is not wise. The easiest thing to do is to look for a qualified personal injury lawyer to help.

How To Go About It

Families who have lost their members to mesothelioma need to appreciate the importance of legal aid. Their emotional condition alone might not allow them to have a good day in court. In addition, insurance companies and defense attorneys will do their best to minimize compensation so you need experienced backing. Here is the best way to file a case after the patient dies:

Locate an experienced mesothelioma lawyer. Such a lawyer will help you know the information you will need to validate the claim. They’ll also give you an idea of how long the suit will last.

Recall the events accurately to prevent inconsistencies from arising. Giving conflicting accounts of the events can shift some of the blame to you and lower the compensation. Remember it’s logic that counts in law and not truth.

Have all relevant medical documents. The court will require proof that the death was as a result of mesothelioma, and that exposure was during the claimed period.

After this, proceed to fill in the legal paperwork. This will be arranged by your lawyer, for the smooth running of the case.
If the case is presented systematically and with the help of a good lawyer, it shouldn’t take long for the compensation to be effected.

Caution: https://www.gpwlaw-mi.com Best Mesothelioma Lawyer

The families of these victims must bear in mind gone are the days when asbestos compensation cases were givens even before the suit. Many states have passed laws to protect companies from being exploited in the name of damages. While presenting the case, a lawyer can help you avoid all loopholes which may shift some blame to the victim’s side so that the stakes aren’t lowered.

What You Should Do to Find the Right Soccer Club For Your Child

In a number of countries soccer is a relatively new sport, and often parents have no knowledge of the local soccer scene or how to choose the right soccer club for their child. Selecting the right environment for your child is paramount to ensure that they enjoy playing soccer and develop, not only as fit and healthy soccer players, but even more importantly that they develop as good people, socially aware, able to deal with success and failure, embrace a team spirit and learn about responsibilities. tructiepbongda.info kenh truc tiep bong da ngon Playing soccer can help develop all of these qualities as long as the environment that they are playing in endorses and promotes these qualities.

Your Initial Short List

It should be relatively easy to find a number of soccer clubs in your local area. Clubs normally belong to “An Association”, and often there are a few associations that operate in a city or area. For instance, in Melbourne, where I live, in a city of 4mil people there are at least 3 associations, The Football Federation of Victoria, The Churches League, and the Bayside League. A simple Google search for “soccer clubs Melbourne” should bring up a list of locally based soccer clubs, and from that list you should be able to narrow down to 5 or 6 that are local, say within 5km from where you live. By looking at the clubs website, you will probably be able to gauge how suitable the club is for further investigation.

A club visit

Before you take your child to a club, it is worthwhile to get in touch with the officials of the club to ask a few questions and further satisfy yourself that your child will be in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Having said that, most clubs are run by volunteers, unpaid mums and dads, just like you, so you may need to modify your expectations. Most of the admin work is done “out of hours” and also on a non paid volunteer basis, as is a lot of the coaching. So even though you may have a budding “Wayne Rooney” on your hands, don’t expect that the red carpet is laid out for you. Most clubs welcome new members and will treat you very well, but there is an expectation that parents will be able to assist too. Just remember that even though you are paying fees, the vast majority of grass roots clubs run on a shoe string budget and generally rely on well meaning parents to keep the ship afloat. I am heavily involved in the club that I played for, which is the same club that my two boys now play at. I have been involved in all aspects of the club, coaching, managing, fund raising and website building, you name it, I will have done it, and all for nothing – well nothing but the sheer joy of contributing and helping my club have a great environment for the children to play in.

Club Culture and Policies

A good club will generally have set policies for the teams, coaches, players, managers and parents to observe. Such things as playing time, team selection, volunteering duties, parental behaviour, coach selection and guidelines for team management are all part of the policies that a club should have. If the club website does not have this information, then contact the club and go and meet with the club officials to see what kind of guidelines they have set for the club and spend some time discussing how the club operates.

10 Steps To Wholesale Ring Of Your Dreams

The answer is silver rings. As almost all traditional jewellers understand, rings normally sell faster than any wholesale ring other type of jewellery due in no small part to people having 8 fingers but only 2 wrists, 1 neck and one pair of ears!

Try checking AdWaords keyword search tool as website visitors are twice as likely to search for the term ‘wholesale silver rings’ than the term ‘wholesale silver earrings’ or ‘wholesale sliver pendants’.

However, when we visited the Birmingham Spring Fair in the U.K. last year, which is major UK trade show for wholesale silver jewellery, we were amazed to see that a large proportion of exhibitors either did not offer rings at all or offered a very limited selection of silver ring designs. After talking at length to many show exhibitors it seems that many of their buyers of silver jewellery, except traditional jewelers, such as retailers offering fashion accessories are often rather reluctant to stock rings due to a perception they are required to make a large investment in inventory as rings need to stocked in a variety of sizes. If that really is true then these retailers are missing out on their best wholesale silver jewellery selling opportunities.

We find that the best selling ladies ring sizes are 7,8, 9 followed by size 6. But it is not always necessary to stock all of these sizes as if you are an fashion accessory store and have a relatively low silver jewellery sales turnover. So if do not already stock rings try at least to stock two sizes of each design to start with and use the savings and any extra available funds to stock as many different ring designs as you can.

8 Rules To Create A Successful Android App

We have apps for everything today. Be it games or apps to monitor heart rate, organizing to-do lists and even complex CRMs, everything is available on a smartphone screen. Smartphones sales have outgrown computers and the younger generations are getting their first experience of the Internet on smaller screens instead of desktop computers. The result is an ecosystem that insists on a mobile experience for consumers from online businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Apps can push information to users, adapt to slow data connections and create a more visual experience for the consumer while possibly adding a new set of customers for the business. But to achieve that, an Android app must stand apart from the crowd on Google Play.

Start Small

Staring small in developing markets like Asia or Latin America may give your app the experience it needs to reach the Top 10 spot in North America. You might end up spending 30 times more resources in North America and Europe to achieve that. Starting small will allow you to manage your precious resources more efficiently.

Pay Attention To Android

An iPhone may have been the primer to smartphones and apps for most of us, but Android is the dominant platform at present with more than 50 percent market share in most markets.

Create A Great App

The best apps are good at doing one thing exceptionally well. Apart from being well designed in visuals and user experience, and solving a real world problem for the user, it is imperative that the app is original and a significant improvement on other products.


Aim For Virality

Integrate viral elements to the fundamentals of your app. Users who enjoy the app are potential marketers to attract new users for your app. Make your app fun to use with friends.

Remember Rules Of Marketing

Allocate budgets for app promotion to attract a first batch of test users. Measure metrics and ascertain value of each user before embarking on more systematic campaigns.

Get The Experts

Compared to the web, mobile marketing providers are extremely fragmented. As a result, accurate measurements of data can prove to be a challenge. Try to stick to CPI (Cost Per Install) model as much as possible.

Analyze Data

Analyze all usage data from the app. Employ tools to track and measure everything that happens inside your app – what draws the most traffic, clicks, traffic sources and the sources that bring in the best users.

Free Is The Key

Use the magic word – free. A price tag on app download makes a huge difference for potential users. Think about monetizing your app later with in-app purchases.

Online Casino Tips For New Casino Players

The online casino sector is getting bigger by the day. Some online casino sites provide their patrons with the same glitz and glamor that they can enjoy in the traditional land-based casinos of Las Vegas. These online casinos provide you with a perfect alternative for experiencing the thrill and excitement of gambling right inside your own home. So if you cannot afford to take the time out of your busy schedule to visit a land-based casino, get yourself a computer and a high-speed internet connection, and you are set to make real big money by playing in online casinos.

The vast range of online casino games offered by these online casinos are varied in number. Take your pick from a variety of online casino games, be it blackjack, roulette, poker or the very popular slot machine games. 안전놀이터 Before depositing money with any online casino site, make sure that the online casino site is safe and reputable. Since the online casino sites fall under the purview of off-shore gambling, you could end up dealing with a fraudulent company if you do not practice caution. If you are a new player who is willing to start off on this journey that will bring you a lot of money, there are a few things that you have got to keep in mind. These tips will serve you well.

The online casino experience is a little different from playing in a land-based casino. Upon entering a traditional casino, there is a lot of noise and confusion, with people everywhere distracting your play. While playing on an online casino, you can bid goodbye to all the chaos. You have only your game to think of, so you can concentrate better. Place your bets using mathematical calculations and common sense, rather than getting carried away by the heavy betting by others. You are the best judge of how much you will bet; let that be the only criteria of a bet. Do not get influenced by the betting of other people, if more people are playing the game with you online.

Online casinos provide you with instructions about the various bonuses that are on offer. It could be a sign-up bonus, which enables you to start playing online casino after you have met the deposit requirements. It could be cashable bonuses which can be encashed along with your winning money. It can be the opposite as well, called ‘sticky bonuses’. These cannot be encashed; it is deducted from your winning amount. Be sure to read and follow all bonus requirements. Some have restrictions for game type, requires a minimum number of plays, or may have a maximum payout. Not reading and following the requirements may cost you some or all of your winnings.

Online casinos also provide you with ‘Help’ materials which will help you understand the game and master the tactics. They also provide you with ‘hand history’ so that you can follow the changing patterns of an online casino game. The buttons on the online casino site are easy to understand and user-friendly. The names of the buttons speak for their own functions to keep you from getting confused during the course of a game. The stakes are high and nobody likes to risk anything that might make the odds tougher.

Tips to Reuse the Carrier Bags While Storing Food!

Carrier bags are a really handy option for all those shopping trips when organizing the load becomes a cumbersome task. Thanks to their convenience carrier bags are an extremely useful option. Made out of high quality plastic, these bags are used everywhere. You will need them when you are shopping, packing food and doing a whole lot of other types of storage. However, since the career bags are made out of plastic, you must not throw them. Plastic is recyclable. Therefore, our recommendation would be to dispose the plastic in a manner that it can be recycled. This way you will ensure better usability and at the same time, you will be able to do your bit for the environment as well.

Here are some interesting tips on how russian grocery store to reuse the plastic career bags especially when you are using them to store food items.:

– Veg vs. Non vegetarian food: If you are using the plastic carrier bags to store food, be specific and divide them between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. For example, bags that have been used to store raw meat or fish should not be used to store vegetables. Once you interchange, the chances of the food being stored rotting away automatically become higher.

– What if the food stored gets spoilt: There are many occasions when the foods stored inside career bags are spoilt. In fact, even when you are storing meat, the chances of the juices spilling are always high. However, once this happens, we would advise you to dispose the plastic bag. Don’t use it to store other stuff because the shelf life has already been compromised upon.

– Seal the bag: Carrier bags need to be sealed particularly when you are using them to store food. Not sealing them exposes the food to the external environment and therefore catalyses the bacterial activity that ultimately spoils the food.

– Capacity matters: When the food is being stored in carrier bags, you have to ensure that the capacity of the bag matches the amount of food that you want to store. Here again, you have to remember that it should not be less and it should not be more.

– Store in a cool dry place: Whatever you are storing in the carrier bag, make sure that the bag is stored in a cool dry place to avoid the external environment from interfering with the food that is stored within.

When is a Draw not a Draw? When it’s the Asian Handicap!

Asian Handicap betting has really caught on in recent years. The serious online sports gambler has seen a way to bet on a favourite; particularly in accumulators, without having to take outrageously short odds. Basically, with the Asian Handicap you eliminate the possibility of a draw, i.e. betting on 2 possible outcomes (favourite or underdog) as opposed to 3 (win, lose or draw). The underdog will be given a head-start and favourite will be penalised by an equivalent handicap. The pre-determined handicap will be added to the real number of goals to establish the correct bet. The handicap removes the gap in form and ability, making a potentially one sided affair a much closer contest. link vao bong88 The higher the handicap equates to a greater difference in capability. You can actually win your bet even if your selection loses the game!

The favourite has to overcome the handicap, as it will be subtracted from its final score and shown as a minus (-). The underdog is awarded a head-start and will have goals added to its final score and shown as a plus (+). The handicap increases/decreases by 0.5 at a time. The principles of Asian Handicap betting could apply to many sports, but it is in soccer where it is most popular. A typical example might be: England playing at home to Wales. England are the firm favourites to win, so to make it more even they are handicapped by -1.5 goals, which in turn gives Wales a handicap of +1.5 goals, although the handicap is only added or deducted to or from the score of the team you bet on! You bet on England to win, which they achieve with a score of 2-1, but you lose the bet since 1.5 goals are taken away. However, if the result had been 2-0 you would have won your bet! More and more bookmakers are now offering this form of betting to their gambling options.

Classic Auto Express Quotes Done Immediately!

Got a car show coming up and the date was accidentally licked off your calendar by your dog, and you need to get your 1915 Model T stake-bed from Florida to Orcutt, California, immediately? And we do mean, immediately. If you need to ship your classic or antique vehicle, you need a transportation company that is experienced in classic auto transport. And, you need a quote as urgently as your need for shipping the car is.

Classic auto express service is needed, that’s for sure. No slow boat for this car show or it’ll arrive long after the show is over. Gateway Express It’s only a one or two day event, after all. But the first you have to find out how much it will cost. Spending hours sifting through search engine results just won’t cut it. You would get brain freeze doing that. A frozen brain is not productive to showing off that classic beauty, chatting with enthusiasts and seeing who can see themselves better in their vehicle’s paint job. You don’t want that fellow competitor Joe from Tampa to beat you, do you? He has two shelves worth of trophies to boast about and he makes sure that he does, twice a year at a neighborhood barbecue. That Model T deserves a lot of trophies. You have to get it to the right location first, before you can chalk up the bragging rights.   What if it ends up in Roswell and aliens take it back to their home planet?

Some customer service departments are so slow in getting back to you that you are long gone into oblivion, listening to stale canned music from twenty years ago, and then when a live person gets back to you, you’ve forgotten what you were calling about. Well, maybe not that, but if a person is slow to answer your questions about classic auto transport and what it entails, that could be a good indication of how slow they will book you the right transportation and get your car where it’s supposed to go, and on time. You can rely on a company which calls the web their home, and does business from, and on, it. When you grab the right one you’ll know that they will look after your precious car. Being on the web, the right and most professional company, will be able to quote you rapidly.

Getting a quick quote will help relieve a little of the stress you may be feeling from needing to ship your classic so fast. And, also knowing that the Model T will be safely and quickly transported, may even make you so happy that you will smile like a Cheshire cat at Joe, when you see him at the car show, with your sparkling silver trophy in hand — waving it around like a madman.

5 Basic Types of Roofing Materials

When it comes to renovating the home and replacing the roof tiles, there are plenty of choices for the homeowner. While the different roofing materials will have no problem in keeping the rain out, the cost and long-term durability of each of the tiles can vary drastically. Here are a few of the most popular types of roofing materials:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles (also referred to as composite shingles) are one of the most common types to renovate the roof. Most of these tiles are made with a layer of fiberglass mat coated with mineral granules and asphalt. Site:  https://www.bkgdakwerken.be/dakisolatie/ This is an all-purpose type of tile and practical for most homes. They are long-lasting and can even come with a warranty that lasts for 30 years or more. They are easy to install and easily sourced should a few need replacing in the future.

Rolled Roofing

The rolled roofing is a practical and cost-effective choice for the outbuilding or similar structures. Also, it can be used on the low-slope roofs on residential homes. This is one of the quickest methods to give long-term roofing, but isn’t the most attractive to look at. Rolled roofing comes in rolls of nearly 100 sq ft and is very effective at stopping the rain from getting through.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is no longer limited to warehouses. This type of roofing can look incredibly stylish even on large mansions. It is a fire-resistant material and isn’t attractive to any of the wood-boring insects that attack the home, such as carpenter ants or termites. It isn’t the easiest roofing material to install and can be quite expensive. But, it is seen as an eco-friendly option to use on the roof.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are made of real stone and one of the most attractive choices to remodel the home. Plus, this material is relatively easy to quarry and is easily cut into thin sheets. A slate roof is best left to the qualified installer because it is quite difficult and time-consuming to work with.